Who we are

Hi, let us introduce ourselves... we are the ATRA team!

The University of Trieste: Ilaria Micheli and Franco Crevatin, ethnolinguists, experts of West Africa, Mau forest (Ilaria Micheli) and Kordofan (Franco Crevatin). External associate group: Ethnorêma Association (Moreno Vergari, linguist, and Giovanni Dore, anthropologists, experts of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

The University of Torino Dario Nappo, historian, expert of commercial routes of the Red Sea in Roman era; Mauro Tosco, linguist, expert in Omotic and pidgin and creole languages.

The University of Naples "L'Orientale" Ilaria Incordino, Egyptologist, Andrea Manzo and Luisa Sernicola, African archaeologists; Giorgio Banti, ethnolinguist, expert of Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Eritrea, Stefano Manfredi, linguist, expert of Arabic dialectology and Juba Arabic, and Gianfrancesco Lusini, philologist, expert of Tigré and Ge'ez. External members: Chiara Zazzaro, maritime archaeologist, expert of the Red Sea, Rodolfo Fattovich, African Archaeologist.

East Africa, ATrA's main field of research, is an area in which all typical phenomena of transition are manifest. These phenomena lay at the centre of our scientific interest.

Great cultures, still alive or now extinct, immersed in a variety of local and peripheral traditions, cohabit in an environment stretching from the arid zones of Kordofan to the big river routes of the Nile and to the forestal zones of the Rift Valley, in a plurality of milieux that involves a consequent plurality of natural resources and ways of human adaptation.

In such an unstable context, from an ecological, a sociocultural and a linguistic point of view, the continuous shaping and re-shaping of identity between centre and periphery, demands of necessity a multidisciplinary approach.

For this reason we are sure that the collaboration in ATrA of experts of the different disciplines of Human Sciences, such as archaeologists, historians, anthropologists and linguists is in fact needed.


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